Holocaust Museum

Posted on April 20, 2010 by

On Thursday, April 1, the eleventh grade World History class took a step back in time to a dark period of history known as the Holocaust. This field trip to the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum has become a tradition for the eleventh grade class and serves as a stark reminder to students of the dangers of tyranny and injustice. Students described the field trip as “eye-opening” and “moving” and expressed a desire to return. “I wished we had longer to stay,” junior James Blackburn said. Students also said that visiting the museum gave them a desire to learn more about the Holocaust.

A particular highlight of the field trip was their guest speaker, Mary Bauer, who was imprisoned in Auschwitz for a year. Bauer spoke to the students for two hours about her concentration camp experiences at the age fifteen. All of the Lancaster Baptist School juniors agreed that spending a day at the museum was not enough time to understand the sacrifices made during those years, but was an excellent way to see the flow in world history and gain an appreciation for their own lives. May we always remember our heritage and honor the Lord with our lives.