Kentucky Tournament

Posted on February 25, 2010 by

Last week was a busy week for the Lancaster Baptist School varsity basketball team and varsity cheerleading squad as they traveled to Kentucky, competed in a nationwide tournament, and won their championships. The students and chaperones left California in time for their first game at 9:00 AM on Thursday. Hosted by Shawnee Baptist Church at Northside Baptist School, this year’s victory marks the third year the Eagles have participated. Last year the Eagles were narrowly beaten in the championship game by one point, making this year’s victory even sweeter. Two years ago, the Eagles also won the championship.

“They were all good and really close games,” MVP Mark Rasmussen commented. Morgan Hanna, cheerleader, added that the Eagles were losing every game at halftime but rallied to victory each time in the last two periods.

Twelve other schools competed, with Lancaster Baptist School playing and defeating the first through fourth runners-up. The cheerleaders competed against five other schools during half-time and side-line events, also placing first in the event. “The judges were looking for enthusiasm,” Hanna said.

What a joy it is to see our students excel in their spiritual, academic, and athletic lives. May LBS continue to forge godly character through its athletic programs for many years to come. It is our desire to exalt the Lord in all we do as we educate and equip Champions for Christ. Go EAGLES!