Great American's Day 2010

by Carissa Wilson The annual Great Americans program started off with an exceptional performance by the Lancaster Baptist High School orchestra and the presentation of colors by the color guard and drill team. After Trent Kelly, vice president of the student body, read an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence, thirteen juniors and seniors were awarded the National Honor Society certificate and pin. This is the first year that a group from Lancaster Baptist School was voted into this society by a five-member faculty council. "This is a great opportunity for the school and for the students," one junior responded when asked about the potential of being a part of this society. Following this presentation, the elementary, dressed as great Americans of the past, delivered the program called "Unforgettable Thanksgiving," complete with drama and choir. The sincere and patriotic hearts of the children were a blessing to many. Erika Poblete, a junior, said, "It is a blessing to watch elementary kids display thanksgiving and patriotism. It reminds me that we live in the greatest country in the world." The day ended and Thanksgiving break began with fun fellowship and delicious pie. May we continue to have a thankful spirit concerning all of the blessings that God has given us, even after the holidays are over.