Senior, Austin Gunn scores 32 on his ACT test

When we view the life of Christ, we see our model for development.  Luke 2:52 states “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”  Our Example grew “in wisdom” - academically.  He grew in “stature” - physically.  He grew “in favor with God” - spiritually.  He grew in favor with “man” – socially.  In our chapels, we challenge our students regarding Achieving Comprehensive Development.  This goal is one of our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results(ESLRs).  We desire to see our students mirror our Savior as they develop in all four categories.

It was a privilege to take a few moments in chapel to honor senior Austin Gunn for increasing in wisdom.  Austin’s ACT score put him in the top 2% nationally of all students who take the ACT.  Congratulations, Austin!