The purpose of our youth sports program here at Lancaster Baptist is to provide a godly, competitive sports environment for young athletes. Our mission is to promote the message of Jesus Christ through sports. We believe that God should be the focus in every area of our lives, including athletics. The LBYS is designed to train young athletes in various sports, as well as develop them into outstanding individuals.

  • Boys in K5-11th grade
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Lancaster Baptist Youth Sports Program FAQs

Q: Who is allowed to participate in LBYS?

A: Students of the Lancaster Baptist School, children of members of the Lancaster Baptist Church, and children of residents of the Antelope Valley are allowed to participate.

Q: Where will the sporting events take place?

A: All sporting events will take place on the campus of Lancaster Baptist Church.

Q: Who will be coaching my athletes?

A: Our coaches are required to go through a training (first aid and CPR) and screening process. Most of our coaches have experience coaching and/or playing on the high school, collegiate, and professional levels.

Q: Are parents allowed to get involved?

A: Of course! We encourage parents to get involved in the program as much as possible. From running the scorer’s table to bringing snacks after games, we want our parents to be heavily involved in the program.

Q: What separates LBYS from other youth sports programs?

A: The LBYS program discourages fans, parents, athletes, and coaches, from taunting, berating officials, and displaying unsportsmanlike attitudes. While cultivating a competitive environment, we want to also develop high-character athletes. We provide a safe environment free of profanity and poor attitudes. We ensure that athletes can participate in a Christ-centered environment.

Q: Will my child receive a uniform?

A: All of our athletes will receive their very own uniform that they will get to keep for the season.

Q: How much will it cost to place my child in the LBYS program?

A: Prices vary depending on age and sport.

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Youth Sports Program Staff

Miss Morgan Hanna
Athletic Director/Secondary Instructor
(661) 946-4663 x2182
Miss Sarah Burchell
Administrative Assistant