Walk-a-thon Sponsorship Payment

On Thursday, April 13, Lancaster Baptist School will be conducting our eighth annual Walk-a-Thon. The proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to directly benefit your student’s educational experience at our school. Our purpose is to raise funds to enable us to continue providing quality education with an affordable tuition, to purchase educational materials for our students, and to financially support our extracurricular programs. Every aspect of this fundraiser directly benefits our students, and we are excited to see what more we will be able to do as a school as a result of this fun event.

From now until April 12, each student will be asked to gather support by soliciting sponsors to contribute a tax deductible donation to Lancaster Baptist School. This year, your student will have the option for their sponsors to donate online at lancasterbaptistschool.org, or to collect and turn in contributions in cash or check. Again, all sponsors will have the option to designate and make their tax-deductible donation online on behalf of your student. We are excited to offer this option, as it will reduce the cost of postage and provide a convenient and effective way for you and your student’s sponsors to participate. Please be sure to follow up with sponsors to ensure they were able to submit their donation.

Our school’s goal is for every student to raise at least $50. You can assist us in reaching this goal by calling, texting, mailing, or emailing letters of request to your potential sponsors, in addition to going door-to-door in our community. All students who raise at least $50 will receive a free Walk-a-Thon t-shirt. All students who have earned their t-shirts will be allowed to wear their t-shirts in a dress down day every Friday in April and May.

The day of the Walk-a-Thon will be jam packed with excitement and fun as our way of thanking all of our students for their hard work. Our Walk-a-Thon will begin with prayer and the National Anthem, and will include fun exercise competitions for all ages. New this year, the senior class of 2018 will be hosting a carnival on the football field with games and challenges for our elementary students! We invite all of our parents to attend and enjoy this day with their students.

Lancaster Baptist School can reach its goal of $50 per student if you partner with us! Please direct any questions you may have regarding the event to Nate Calvert at nate.calvert@lancasterbaptist.org. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

Jim Lee

Minimum: $10.00

Walk-a-thon FAQs

Q: What is the purpose and goal of the Walk-a-thon?

A: We are raising funds to to purchase and upgrade the technology in our classrooms as well as install a second set of new bleachers. Our goal is for each student to raise a minimum of $50. Each student should set a goal of getting at least 5 donors.

Q: Can parents participate?

A: Yes. Parents can volunteer to help process the donations and/or help with the Walk-a-Thon events. Parents may also obtain sponsors and walk with their children. Students will walk their course and also participate in fun exercise competitions. Our Walk-a-Thon is guaranteed to be a fun day of fundraising!

Q: What is the schedule?

A: Kindergarten will walk from 10:30 to 11:30 am. First through sixth grades will participate from 12:45 to 1:45 pm, and seventh through twelfth grades from 1:45 to 2:45 pm. All students will walk and enjoy exercise competitions throughout, in addition to the carnival hosted by the senior class of 2018. Dismissal will take place at our regularly scheduled time.

Q: When do I begin and complete obtaining donors? Who gets credit for my donors?

A: Now through April 12. Shirts will be given to all students who raise a minimum of $50. Students will be permitted to wear these shirts and dress down every Friday in April and May. All money turned in will be recorded by individual student. As you turn in contributions, please be sure to specify to whom the contribution was made on behalf of (first and last name of student, and grade). Online donors will fill out a required field, stating which student the contribution was made on behalf of.

Q: How do I contact my potential Walk-a-thon donors?

A: You may contact your friends, relatives, coworkers, and neighbors via any means. We encourage you to take your students door-to-door through your neighborhood if possible in addition to calling, texting, and emailing. Donors will have the option to give their tax-deductible donation online at lancasterbaptistschool.org, by using the Walk-a-Thon link on our homepage, or to mail cash or checks payable to Lancaster Baptist School. you may choose to contact potential donors with a handwritten letter, a text message, a phone call, an email, through Facebook and other social media, and face-to-face! Cash and check contributions should be placed in envelope with your student’s name and grade and turned in to the school office.

Q: What should I wear the day of the Walk-a-thon?

A: Students may wear PE attire with their Walk-a-Thon t-shirt. All students will participate in the Walk-a-Thon. Those students who did not raise $50 to receive a free t-shirt may purchase a t-shirt for $20, also entitling them to all dress-down days in April and May.