The staff and faculty of Lancaster Baptist School are committed to modeling and mentoring a genuine heart for God and providing an excellent, Christ-centered education for the students of Lancaster Baptist School. Every member of the staff and faculty is a soulwinner involved in a ministry at Lancaster Baptist Church.


Pastor & Founder
Vice Principal/International Director
Mrs. Choon Chapman
Accounting Supervisor
Miss Nataly Montes
School Secretary
Miss Leilani Kehres
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Janet Mora
Student Success Coordinator/Secondary Instructor
Mrs. Cecelia Lee
Administrative Assistant/ Secondary Instructor

Elementary Faculty

Mrs. Kathy Houk
Mrs. Deanna Ewing
Mrs. Rosa Linares
Kindergarten Assistant
Miss Rachael Weisz
First Grade
Mrs. Joy Blakley
Second Grade
Mrs. Lisa Harris
Third Grade
Mrs. Julie McCary
Fourth Grade
Mrs. Laurie Taxdal
Fifth Grade
Mrs. Alicia Whitman
Sixth Grade/Lead Teacher
Miss Paige Whitman
Elementary Aide

Secondary Faculty

Miss Desireal Asuncion
Secondary Instructor
Mrs. Barb Bach
Secondary Instructor
Miss Melissa Calderon
Secondary Instructor/Lead Teacher
Mr. Larry Cox
Secondary Instructor
Mrs. Amy Cox
Secondary Instructor
Miss Allison Crabb
Secondary Instructor
Miss Tracy Dizon
Secondary Instructor
Justin Engelman
Secondary Instructor/Athletic Director
Mrs. Brandy England
Secondary Instructor
Miss Amy Houk
Secondary Instructor
Mr. Eric Lee
Secondary Instructor
Mrs. Jessie Tanner
Secondary Instructor
Miss Heidi Urquilla
Secondary Instructor
Mr. Stephen Voshall
Secondary Instructor/Music Director